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Incept Consulting - Because Experience Matters

At Incept Consulting we believe that experience matters. We believe that while more experienced resources may be a little more expensive than junior resources, the expertise and lessons learned over a long career will utilmately result in a cost savings to our clients. Our clients always get our best and most seasoned consultants with a minium of 10 years of experience. This means we never assign junior staff to your project.

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Incept offers a comprehensive set of services to our clients

All services offered by Incept Consulting are offered on a project basis and include industry best practices for project management. At Incept we believe that no matter how big or small your project may be it should still be done right. The following list outlines some of the specific technology services which we provide.

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Incept Consulting has been our software development firm for over two years.  They were hired to improve our archaic database systems, which were used to maintain a large, complex printed publication and to develop an online searchable version of the publication.  In a matter of months, they overhauled our databases into one, user-friendly program which now drives both the printed and online versions of the publication.  Since the original release of the online version, our customers no longer experience connectivity or downtime issues.  The search engine is also robust enough to handle the largest searches in a matter of seconds.

Joel Ringer
Chairman, Commodity Classification Standards Board

Several years ago, our association contracted with Incept Consulting to modernize some of our databases, publishing systems and ecommerce operations supporting our Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) applications. SCAC is an identification coding system for transportation companies and we work with customers all over the world. Incept was able to develop the new programming using state of the art tools and methods so that the end result markedly increased our staff’s productivity and our customer’s satisfaction. We have gone from a system that relied heavily on paper forms either mailed or faxed to us with checks or credit cards for payment that had to be hand keyed by our staff to a system that allows the customer to enter their information and relies on the internet and ecommerce for communication of data and payments. Today, with most of our business conducted online, we have realized significant savings in postage and time required to process applications and renewals. We have received numerous comments from our customers indicating that they are pleased with the ease and speed with which we are able to do business with us.

Paul G. Levine
General Manager
National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.